2011 Wedding Recap: Let the Good Times Roll

Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up to go to California, Charleston, Illinois, shoot our first Bangladeshi wedding, and 28 other amazing Kentucky wedding celebrations.  I was so nervous about all of these new adventures (oh yeah, and we changed our name!).  Now that I am on the other side of them I am so blessed for these opportunities and thankful that each one went so well. Gabe and I just had a great time reminiscing as we reviewed these weddings. Most of the memories include laughing with wedding parties, veils blowing in the wind, intense heat, late nights of editing, and me tripping and/or wiping out while maintaining my game face.  We found a few bloopers too so be sure to keep scrolling for those.  We cannot thank you enough:

Jennifer & Donny

Heather & Jack

Jennifer & Dereck

Tashina & Josh

Jessica & Josh

Kelly & Jonathan

Whitney & Mike

Amy & Brian

Lauren & Barrett

Yasmin & Sunny

Megan & Matt

Rebecca & Jonathan

Brittany & Chris

Katie & Eric

Megan & Keaton

Johanna & Robbs

Erin & David

Courtney & Zach

Libby & Danny

Carly & Tony

Abby & Courtney

Michelle & Landon

Erin & Michael

Allie & Jonathan

Sarah & Klinton

Page & Rich

Emily & Chris

Kerry & Chris

Allison & Charlie

Rachel & Matt

Mary Emily & John

Katie & Tyler

And now for the behind the scenes.  I look a little crazed in most of them.  Oh golly.

Gabe's sweaty hot mess look.  I kinda like it.  This was at our beach wedding.  He's rocking sand-sea water hair gel.

These pictures double as ads for Canon and Shoot Sac.

Mary sandwich!

Gabe is always calm, cool and collected -

Which is a good thing because I tend to go deer-in-the-headlights by the time we leave.

Love to you all and happy 2012.  I hope you find many good times and a lot of joy this year.  May it the best year yet!