A Quick Trip Up North

I am standing on the stairs that lead to the garage.  The car is packed.  I've told the GPS to go to northern Ohio.  Gabe is standing with me.  "Are you sure you can't go?"  I know the answer is no.  He has school, work, and papers to write.  "Should I go?"  He says yes and reminds me of what a big Jasmine Star fan I am.  It's true.  I've been following her work for almost a year.  Now I have the chance to meet her and attend a mini-workshop led by her!  So I hop in the car, ready to drive to Akron.  Then I hop out of the car.  There's no way I'm driving 5.5 hours in skinny jeans.  After a quick jeans to sweats wardrobe change, I am on the road. Upon arrival, I met my friends, Dave and Stephanie (side note: thanks to Dave's family for letting me stay at their house!) for dinner.  Then the workshop.  It was awesome and so worth the drive.  Jasmine and JD were so gracious, answering our questions and sharing their experiences in the wedding industry.  They are husband and wife team as well so it was great to get their take on working together.  Jasmine also gave us some amazing tips on business, branding, and marketing; which are especially pertinent to Gabe and I right now.  :)

Thanks to Jasmine and JD for your kind words!

PS - We won at free Showit site for traveling the farthest!  Can't wait to try it out!

Steph and me.

J* answering our questions.

Have a great night everyone!

PS - If the Cats can't win the NCAA Championship, go Butler!