Allison & Jonathan: Lexington Engagements

I tend to leave the second "E" out of engagements.  I've never been the best typist.  In middle school, when I first took a typing class, I spent most of the class time working on pictures created out of letters (see Pam Beesley's example below).  Figures I'd become a photographer. Check out this cute couple below!  Allie is a friend of a friend (shout out to Jane) and she sure looks good in front of the camera.  Jonathan's not too shabby either.  Allie and Jonathan are high school sweethearts.  She needed a prom date, he was the lucky guy to take her.  Prom went well.  So well that they dated long distance for the next five years.  Soon they will be Mr and Mrs and I am so glad we are part of the day!

During the wardrobe change Gabe decided to take a few nature shots.  This is my favorite.