Baby Nate: My Roommate Has a Baby!

Time.  It goes by so fast and I think it, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  It can go by in a blink or drag on.  When I graduated college in 2006, I could not imagine the year 2011.  Surely by 2011 I would be married with kids and a dog.  I would l have traveled the world and read the Bible a couple times over.  I would have a regular gym routine and be a chef of the Julia Child variety.  I would be a screenwriter and filmmaker. I had to do it all before I had crow's feet and gray hair.  The operative word here, for me, is DO.  Maybe I could have done all of this in five years but I think I'd be really tired.  I think I will do some fun things in the next five years, but I really want to focus on my relationships more.  I'd like to have crow's feet - from laughing so much with friends and Gabe. My friends Christy and Caleb stayed with us for our college reunion.  Christy was my roommate for a year in college and we have stayed friends since.  C and C got married right after we graduated and now they have Nate.  Gabe and I never had a little baby stay with us before.  When we have kids we won't need an alarm clock anymore.