Chris + Amy: Friends and Entrepreneurs

It has been a crazy blogging week!  Summer must really be in full swing!  Tomorrow begins this crazy four weddings in five days journey that either makes me incredibly crazy or blessed, quite possibly both.  But I am excited!  Each couple is so wonderful and unique and I am privileged to be a part of their big days (shout out to Rachel and Matt, Amy and Ryan, Haley and Jason, Melissa and Chaz).  I have some wonderful assistants lined up, including faithful Nan, a student of mine from yesteryear and a new friend!  Wahoo!

Below are our friends, Chris and Amy.  Chris contacted me about doing some photos for his and Amy's new design business website.  I'll let him unveil their profile pictures on their website in a couple weeks.  But here are few I snapped of them together!  So cute!  Chris is also  "Chris" of the Chris and Gabe Show.  Gabe and I have so much fun recording the podcast with these two!

Their pensive side..

Their REALLY happy side...