Christina & Lucas: Lexington Engagement

We hopped in the car at the conclusion of this shoot and Gabe says, "That was intense."  He was right.  We shot in construction, the middle of the street, weeds, chiggers, and lightening for this engagement session.  Right when we finished it started raining.  I loved every minute of it though.  On the way home I wouldn't touch my legs even though they were itching like crazy because I was sure I had gotten poison ivy.  I got home and showered and, I am ashamed to admit, scrubbed my legs with a Clorox wipe.  I've never had it before!  Gabe laughed at me the whole time.  Thanks for being troopers, Christina and Lucas.  You were brave amongst the lightening bolts.

They could be models!

I love the car shot.  I was just clicking away as the traffic drove by and I found this little gem as we were reviewing the pictures.  Shout out to Gabe.  It was his idea to shoot the building.