Dallyce and Matt: Part One of an Amazing Day

All I can say is: BEST NEW YEARS EVER!  Yes, I know we were working but Gabe and I had a blast with this couple and their wonderful family and friends.  We felt like part of the family with this crew.  We laughed with the wedding party and danced with the guests (including me with Dallyce's dad!).  Dallyce has impeccable taste and I fell in love with every detail of her wedding: the dress, the veils, the church, the shoes (she had four shoe options, as did I on my wedding day).  This is the first half of the day; getting ready, ceremony, and wedding party.  Enjoy!

Gabe got this one below!  Way to go, honey!

Dallyce's beautiful dress is from The Couture Closet in LaGrange, Kentucky.

The girl's dresses are from Twirl.  Lovely!

In case you are wondering what I look like as I work with a wedding party.  I almost wiped out about three times at this church.  I kept taking my shoes off to stand on the pews so I was sliding all over the place.  Plus, sometimes I get excited and start running around all over the place like this crazy bee with a camera, increasing my falling potential.  Okay, enough falling talk.  I am having a sad flash backs to the "Mary wiped out on her lens" incident of 2008.  Not pretty.

Dallyce found her fabulous birdcage veil and fur on Etsy.