David and Hannah: Engaged, Now Married

I was sitting on Hannah and David's engagement shoot because I really liked it and was waiting to post it at just the right time.  As days went by and I contemplated this "right posting time," their wedding crept up on me and I never posted the engagement shoot.  Ha! Alas. Hannah and David were my 10.10.10 wedding.  Gabe and I wanted to get married on 10.10.10 but it is in the middle of his school semester and it just worked out better for us to have a June wedding.  I am so glad it worked out that way and we were able to shoot David and Hannah's wedding.  They are a lovely and fun couple!  Hannah lives in Georgia so we only got to meet with her once in person and met David for the first time at the engagement shoot.  When I introduced myself to David, I looked at him and had that "I know you from somewhere but I have no idea where" moment.  He did too.  As I started hobbling along (the sprain repercussions) we figured it out.  He was my doctor when I sprained my ankle last month!  What are the odds?