David and Hannah: Wedding in a Vineyard

I love weddings at wineries(thanks Talon Winery)!  Especially this one because not only did we have the vines, we also had Hannah and David and their fabulous style.  Hannah had a tree/leaf theme going on and it was perfect for 10.10.10.  I am so glad we go to be a part of the day.  A little known fact (now well known I suppose): Gabe was really sick the day of the wedding.  He actually threw up in the vines after we finished all the portraits. Correction.  Around the vines.  He was careful not to disturb the growing grapes.  :)  He powered through the day and got some amazing shots!  We think he had the flu or something.  He did manage to eat some cake though.  Hard to resist Magees!  This is post one of three so the pictures will load easier.  Enjoy!