Easter Holiday 2011

If you are living in the Bluegrass state, then you most likely had a very wet Easter Sunday.  I hope all the rain didn't put a damper on your holiday!  Hehe.  Despite the tornado weather, Gabe and I celebrated a lovely Easter with our family.  We were in Louisville for the weekend and then came back to Lexington to have dinner with my folks, siblings, and nephews.  Here are few pictures from the Lashbrook side of things. Have a great Tuesday!  Less than a week until we launch our new brand.  I am working like a busy little bee making sure everything is in order for the launch and our giveaways.  What are we giving away, you ask?  Here's a hint for one of the gift cards:  think yogurt.  Froyo to be exact.

This egg is concerned he's going to be found.