Emma and Family

I went into this business as a wedding photographer, but I must say, I am loving these kids and family shoots!  Lately, I have been working with the the greatest parents and the cutest kiddos you can imagine.  Elizabeth (Emma's mom) was the Matron of Honor in Casey and Greg's wedding.  It was great to see her again!  Hes family below is a perfect example of why I enjoy these sessions; every one is unpredictably different and I love the challenge of capturing each family dynamic.  Little Emma is just four years old and she was freezing during the shoot.  I think all of us were wondering if we'd get any shots before she turned into a little Popsicle.  We (Gabe came along for this one) sure did!  Even though it was chilly Emma powered through and became her cute, little self.  The lollipop probably helped.

An "I'm getting cold" moment.

An "Okay, now I'm really cold" moment.