Gabe at a Wedding

I just finished editing a wedding. Boy, is that a good feeling. Wedding editing tends to add up in the summertime. Finish one, add on another. When I complete one of my dear couples' weddings, I do a happy dance. Not at all unlike the one in the post below.  While editing the wedding I just finished (Tashina and Josh!), I stumbled upon a few pictures of Gabe, the other half of our husband/wife photography team. When I dove further into the wedding business four years ago, I started hearing about these husband/wife photography teams. Seemed like the perfect job. You get up together, have a big breakfast together (carb up!), load up the car together, give each other a pre-wedding pep talk, photograph a lovely couple, sample the cake (we get two flavors and share), Cha-cha slide together, and go home together. I fell in love with this idea and hoped that someday I would share my awesome job with my husband. I hadn't even met Gabe yet.

And now, here we are. The end of the 2009 season I shyly asked Gabe if he would like to assist me at a wedding. He said yes. I threw a camera in his hands and turns out, he loves shooting. And after a lot of practice, he is darn good at it.

I am so blessed.