I just drank several cups of coffee, ate a very fast bowl of cereal and now my stomach hurts.  Oops.  And as I sip more coffee, I thought I'd share a photo of my new business, cards, envelopes, and letterhead with you.  It's below:

I officially feel like MLP is growing up and I am very proud of what this little business is becoming.  2010 will be a big year for MLP, like 2009.  How so?  A few of my goals for 2010 are to participate in wedding shows (did my first one on the 10th!), offer more products to my clients, and to find more locations for photo shoots.  I am sure the list will continue to grow.  Last year I learned so much and did so much.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine the type of change that I know will inevitably occur.  But it will.  I look back at my first website (I thought it was the end all, be all) and then at my new one and appreciate change.  A LOT.

2009 was such a good year for me.  Sometimes I am tempted to wish I could live it again.  Here are some highlights (these are in random order):

Met my love, Gabriel.

Shot 29 weddings with my mom and Gabe and shot 50+ photo shoots.

Resigned from my old job to work on MLP full time.

Attended the Love Affair Workshop.

Saw Gabe graduate from boot camp.

My work for Asbury College was published.

Got engaged.

MLP got a face lift in the form of new website, colors and logo.

Have a great week!