Heather and Jack

I’ve never shot in the snow and I was tempted not to this past Saturday.  The alarm went off and my bed seemed warmer, Gabe seemed cuddlier (if that is possible), and the bedroom seemed colder.  I managed to pull myself out of bed and look out the window.  Lots of snow and it was still falling.  We should stay in.  But the still small photographer voice inside of me said, “Gabe’s good at driving in snow and it will be fun and the pictures will be so pretty.”  So we met Jack and Heather and the small voice was right!  It was wet and cold and so worth it.  It snowed through the entire shoot and even warmed up a bit. At the end I was thanking them for coming all the way on such a wintry day and a ton of snow feel right on my head and camera.  The still small photography voice whispered, “You’re so uncool.” Heather and Jack Nicholson: Can’t wait for part two of the shoot and you guys rocked it out.