Heather and Jack: UK Engagement Shoot

Can I just say, we LOVE Heather and Jack.  You may remember this lovely couple from this post.  They are back for more.  Since the snow cut our first shoot short, we picked back up with part two last week. Now, Heather and Jack are big UK fans.  They met at UK...ish.  Jack met Heather's sister at school and she introduced them.  Anyway, they wanted to shoot at Commonwealth Stadium.  We figured we'd get a few exterior shoots and then head over to our next location.  Well, Gabe and I got to the the stadium a bit earlier to scout out said exterior shots.  We found an open gate!  Gabe and I instantly felt like renegades and texted Heather and Jack to meet us inside the stadium.  We were all like, "We are going to ask for forgiveness rather than permission!"  So in we went and shot til our little hearts were content.  Maybe I could have called earlier and gotten in easily.   Probably.  But sometimes it's fun to live on the edge.

We love you guys...and you rocked it out AGAIN!  Can't wait for this date!

Oh, why are you guys the cutest couple in the world?  PS: This is Gabe's angle.

I think my crazy hat and contributed to my renegade feelings about going in the stadium.  I was incognito.  Look at that trigger finger.  Ready to go!

Heather climbed a tree.

She looked so cute in the tree.

Then Jack climbed the tree.  Love this one.