It is so close!

Well, I wanted to post at least one more time before mine and Gabe's big day.  I'm not sure I'll be able to blog again within the next couple weeks with all the wedding preparations in full force.  We still have to finalize a lot of decor details, get a marriage license, pick people up from the airport, etc.  It is all so much fun and so crazy at the same time.  I must have 100 thoughts going through my head all the time, or that's how I feel. By the way, yes, I will post plenty of pictures on the blog ASAP.  I want you all to see them!! Gabe and I are headed to California for our honeymoon and will be back in business on June 21st.  So I will be out of the office until then.  If you have a photo emergency, email me and I will get back to you if it is before May 25th.  I still have a few odds and ends to take care of (a shoot and a consultation and three weddings!) but I am very excited about not working and focusing on the wedding!  Here are a few pictures, describing life at the moment.  There is another reason we are running around like crazy, headless chickens.  Check it out!These are my wedding shoes.  I love them! Well, look at all those boxes behind my awesome shoes...

One of the reasons we are so busy is because we are packing!  Because we bought a house yesterday!

Here it is!  We are happy homeowners.

Our friends, Joe and Natalie, came over to visit after we closed.  These are their boys, Noah and Benjamin.

Noah and I are close buds.

We are so excited about our house.  Once I get married, moved, and settled I will post some more photos!  Wahoo!  Have a great weekend!