Jennifer and Dereck: Lexington Wedding Photography

With all this Honey Heart talk I haven't had a lot of time for pictures the last couple days.  Until now.  And it's all about the pictures, right?  I have a brand new 35mm lens to prove that. An awesome bride of mine, Joy, referred Jennifer to me few months ago and I am so grateful she did.  Not only grateful for the wedding itself, but for the opportunity to work with Jennifer's wonderful family.  Jennifer and Dereck had a morning wedding and lunch reception.  It was perfect!  Gabe and I shot in the morning, breakfasted at Alfalfa, and had the rest of the day free.

By the way, our new website addresses are up and running so make sure you update for bookmarks, rss feeds, etc.


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Have a great Wednesday.  I just finished making a spaghetti dinner in the crock pot.  I love that crock pot.  They are magical.