Josh & Jess: Destination Wedding: California!

You could say that the location of this wedding made it fabulous.  Or perhaps the details.  But really, it is the bride and the groom and that they are finally Mr. & Mrs. Josh's friends told us (during their toasts) stories about the fun they've had as Josh's roommates.  They reminisced about college antics and late night studying.  The highlight of the toast was when they mentioned Jess: how she lights up Josh's eyes and how they've never seen anyone as persistent as Josh.  It took a lot of patience for him to wait for the "yes" to a first date, that lead to the "yes" becoming boyfriend/girlfriend, that lead to the "yes' to a proposal.

Megan's sister told us a few childhood stories and even showed us a clip from their pigtail days in which Jess denies even Disneyland prince a hug (I think it was Eric).   "She was choosy even at eight," Megan said.  Jess had always been slow to change and determined to make wise decisions.  That is how she knows Josh is right.  She sees how happy her sister is with him and special he makes her feel.  "And she even married a guy with the same last name."  (She went from Tabor to Taber!)

The wedding was gorgeous.  It was held at Highland Springs Resort in Hemet, CA.  Josh and Jess had a vision for their day and boy, did they carry it through to the end. It was our pleasure to photograph it all!

Josh and Jess, we had a great time with you and your awesome family.  Congratulations!

Josh and Jess' wedding had a whimsical, mountain feel to it.  Every detail was hand crafted with a lot of thought and vision!  It sure worked!

Bridemaids dresses by Alfred Sung.

Gabe grabbed this shot of Josh as he read Jess' letter.  Awesome!  These shots are a big part of why I love wedding photography.  I love getting the action and emotion of the day.  These moments never happen again and it is such a joy to give them to our brides and grooms.  Gabe is catching on quite nicely.

And they are ready to go!

1100 year old tree!

Jess' dog, Buster was the ringbearer.  It was great.  His paws guarded the rings well.

Love these shots below.

Hello California light.  Thanks for being my friend.