Joy and Brian: A Double Themed Wedding

She loves Halloween, he loves golf.  Why not incorporate both into their wedding?  That's exactly what they did and it made the day so distinctly perfect.  Joy wove pumpkins, golf tees, koozies, Halloween anecdotes, and Thriller into the day creating a beautiful and unforgettable event.  This creativity is one reason I love weddings.  I get to participate in such a joyous day and enjoy and admire the hard work of each unique bride.  This day was especially memorable because my car battery died right as we were leaving the hotel, on the way to do ALL the portraits.  And we had the dress.  And the veil.  Yikes.  Gabe told me, calmly, that the car was dead and I, semi-calmly, went into problem solve mode.  Problem solve mode came to a quick end (luckily) when we discovered one of the bridesmaids had jumper cables.  Hooray!  We were on the road in no time.  Of all the times for our battery to die!  Joy and Brian, you are a beautiful couple and we wish you many blessings and years of happiness!  Here's to you!

Joy wore her engagement ring and her mom's rings.  Stunning.  Of course, the green shoes are fabulous!

This is Gabe's angle of the back's of the lovely couple as I shot from the front.  Way to go, husband!  The one below is his too.

Shout out to Gabe for the one above.  Shout out to the sunset for the below.

I grabbed this one right after they walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs.  These are some of my favorite moments from wedding days, the "right after" shots.

Cakes from Donut Days!  As always, Dottie and Spring Valley Golf Club were amazing!

Joy's dance moves are indicative of a fun night ahead.