Kennedy, Lily, and Family

Remember Baby James? The adorable arm-flexing, Egyptian-walking, John Wall baby?  Well, these are his cousins and they are equally adorable!  Their parents are great too!  These girlies rocked it out in pink and were a lot of fun to work with.  Ande (mom) wanted to go ahead and schedule the shoot in January so I was tasked with finding an indoor location.  I finally decided on the Bell House.  I've shot a few receptions there and love it's architecture and ambiance.  Their management was more than happy to let us shoot inside the house.  We hopped outside for a few pictures too.  Brr.  I always suggest shooting a couple pictures outside, even if it is cold, for the variety.  I assume it's not a huge deal because I get to wear a coat and gloves.  So thanks to all my clients who have gone outside with me and endured the cold! Thanks Marc and Ande!  Enjoy your pictures.  You are a beautiful family.