Lynzee & Scott: Lexington, KY Engagement

Lately, I have so many reasons to give thanks.  It is the time of year where the calendar is brimming with portrait sessions and I am looking back at all of the amazing wedding days we have been a part of thus far in 2013.  I am thankful for these opportunities to meet and get know so many wonderful people.  On top of it all, I get to work with my Gabe at weddings.  We have had the best time together this year.  One such time was with Scott and Lynzee.  These photos were taken at their home and I am so pleased with the way they look.  My favorite photos are the ones with the blue sky! storyboard-1 storyboard-2 storyboard-3 storyboard-4 storyboard-5 storyboard-6 storyboard-7 storyboard-8 storyboard-9 storyboard-10 storyboard-11 storyboard-12 storyboard-13 storyboard-14 storyboard-15 storyboard-16 storyboard-17 storyboard-18