Merry Christmas

I waited until the last minute to shop for Christmas gifts this year.  I worked hard to get everything edited and it brought me to the last couple days before Christmas.  But I am DONE.  For a week.  I am so happy. I have gone to the mall everyday this week as soon as it opened.  Now that's the time to shop;  when the sales associates are drinking still-hot coffee in travel mugs from behind just-straightened counters. It was the mall-walkers, moms in fur-lined vests, and me.  The moms and I had a good idea, I think, arriving early.  We walked swiftly from store to store (with the mall-walkers), lists in hand, and got it DONE.  I had a lot of fun.  I am a girl.  I love to shop.

This is my first Christmas as a wife. My favorite thus far.  I want to tell you what I got Gabe.  There is something wonderful and peaceful about giving gifts to people you love.  Even a small gift takes thought and sacrifice.

We are spending the week with both families and I can't wait to kick back, drink hot chocolate, and eat casseroles.  Sometimes I have a difficult time stopping and resting, but family and friends are worth it!  So Merry Christmas to you!

Gabe just gave me this beautiful sweater below.  We couldn't wait and we opened a gift.  It's the 23rd.