HHP Products

I wanted to share a few HHP products with you.  I have started offering canvases, float wraps and new and improved leather, flushmount albums.  What does flushmount mean?  It means that I can custom design a page layout in your album and can include a picture that goes clear across the album, seamlessly.  Wow! I love these albums.  The leather is beautiful, the printing is flawless, and the binding is crisp.  Here are some layout and album examples below.  We offer a linen album as well.  There are pictures of it posted below.  Our linen album is a thin page books designed with a focus on clean lines and simplicity. Custom Leather Flushmount Album:

What is a float wrap?  They are in the pictures below and are wrapped pictures that are mounted on foam board that when hung on your wall, appear to float because they hang from the middle of the picture.  Cool!

Linen Album:

That is all for now.  Enjoy!  And let me know if you have any questions about the latest HHP products!

PS - My wedding is in 80 days!  Updates: I am getting ready to order my invitations from Hello Lucky!  They are awesome.  My dress is being altered.  I bought two pairs of fabulous shoes and I have to decide which one to wear.  Heels or no heels, that's the question.  My dear friends threw me my first shower on Sunday!  Pictures to come of course.  We mapped out the ceremony with our pastor.  I cannot wait to be Gabe's wife.

Have a wonderful weekend!