Q & A with intern Shawna Dorris


My Name is Shawna Dorris and I am interning at Honey Heart Photography for the spring semester of 2012.  Gabe and Mary gave me a few questions to help break the ice. If there are any questions that you may have, please feel free to ask. 1. Where are you from?

I was born in Orlando, FL, but I consider myself from a really small town in Indiana called North Judson. I moved to this town when I was twelve and this is where most of my memories were made. Home is where the heart is.

2. What are you studying in school and what would you like to do with your degree?

I am attending the University of Kentucky working towards a Bachelor's Degree in studio art, focusing in photography and ceramics. I aspire to have my own photography business, where I will shoot on location and will also branch off into other types of photography. I would also like to open a children’s gallery/studio, where all children would be welcome. This studio would give the supplies at cost and teach the children how to use them, in which ever media they chose. Then once a week, we would hold a gallery showing for all of the children. On other days, the gallery would function as a normal. This would give children a place to be accepted and encouraged in their art.

3. How did you meet your husband and how long have you been married?

Well, this goes back to junior high. We met at a school dance, in a slow dance. Our friends made us dance because some girls were bothering him. Our dancing was supposed to convince the girls that he had a girlfriend. While I liked him immediately, I did not tell him until our freshman year in high school. He said no because our friendship meant too much to him to risk losing it. I accepted this, and after high school I moved to Dallas, TX while he moved to Morehead, KY. After we both became single, we began to chat online and started a long distance relationship.  Three years later we got engaged and two more after that, we got married on May 15, 2010.

4. What is your favorite thing about photography?

My favorite thing about photography is being part of a special moment, either for myself or someone else ,and after editing the shoot getting to see that you captured a specific moment perfectly. I love knowing that I have given someone a perfect memory that will last forever.

5. What are you looking forward to in this HHP internship? I am really excited to have real world experience. In college, we learn how to use the camera and make the shots that we can pre-visualize, but you are never on someone else’s time. You design your own projects and do not have expectations of clients. This has caused me to feel some anxiety about working with clients. I am also really looking forward to seeing another side of photography, because all I have been exposed to is basic photo shoots. I am really excited about working a style shoot and seeing the business side of photography. I am really excited to learn all the ins and outs of the photography business.

6. What is your favorite TV show/any other fun tidbits about yourself you'd like the blog readers to know?

I don’t really have a favorite TV show, but there are a few that I watch on a consistent basis.  Those are: Bones, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Glee, and The Walking Dead. I am also a movie buff and will watch any type of movie from any decade.

My life is filled with any and all forms of art. I decorate cakes, paint, sew, draw, shoot photos, make ceramics, and make computer art, among others. When I am not working on art or spending time with my husband, I love to play with my little beagle named Hammy (from the squirrel in the movie Over the Hedge) I am really excited about life and cannot wait to see how mine unfolds!