Rebecca & Jonathan: Lexington Wedding Photography

I look at the these and I just smile.  Why?  Because Rebbecca's smile is contagious and because they bring back such fond memories of the day.  A few of my favorite moments were (these are in addition to the pictures of course): - Jonathan seeing Rebecca for the first time.  These two are the perfect match.

- The wedding party walking down the street in the heat for me since we had extra portrait time.

- Working with the lovely ladies of Good Shepherd.  They have coordinating down to an art form!

- Seeing old college friends at the reception.  Gabe and I went to school with Jonathan.

- Riding the limo to the reception.  Limos are so fascinating to me.  How do they make those turns?!

- Reception dancing.

Enjoy!  Happy Monday!

The picture below begs a couple questions.  What's so funny?  Why is my mouth so agape?  Who is taking the picture?


Ceremony: Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Reception: Spindletop Hall

Florist: Stem's

Cake: Tinker's Cake Shop

Invitations: Paperweight

Gown: Bridal and Formal

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew

Tuxes: Geno's

DJ: Agency Entertainment

Caterer: Spindletop Hall

Videographer: Integrity Productons