Ryan, Bridgette, and Anna: Our Friends

Gabe and I love this little family.  They are close friends of ours and they are moving away soon to start a church.   Gabe and Ryan survived Air Force boot camp together two years ago and we shot their wedding a year and half ago.  Now, before they hit the road, we wanted to do a photo shoot with their sweet baby.  Anna might be the cutest little girl EVER.  She has the thickest, darkest baby hair I've ever seen.  It is gorgeous.  Ryan and Bridgette are the best parents too.  We love you guys! Have a great Thursday.  Today is Gabe's last day of classes.  EVER.  He is completing his masters this week before we travel west for our California wedding.  To celebrate, I am making chicken alfredo tonight.  Hopefully it will be a celebration.  I've never made this dish (Gabe's favorite) before.  I found the recipe on my phone app, All Recipes.