The Lees: Lexington Family Photography

In this exciting and crazy wedding business, Jackie is one of my buddies.  I have worked with her a few times over the last several years, and she hits the nail on the head at every wedding she plans.  She is very organized, fun, relaxed, and creative.  Gabe and I got to meet her husband and kiddos at their family photo shoot and they are just as great as Jackie is.  Enjoy! The blog is about to get even busier over the next week.  I am editing two weddings a week at this point so that my October brides and grooms can have their photos before Christmas.  Shout out to my Mac for running oh-so-fast these days.  And shout out to Wally because he is almost house trained and he is the cutest puppy ever.

Brothers!  I was thrilled that they were willing to hug each other.