They have arrived!

My wedding invitations are here!  I love them.  They are from Hello! Lucky and they are awesome!  I am only including a little snippet of a picture because I don't want to ruin the ohhs and ahhs when the postman delivers the little beauties. How are wedding plans going, you might ask?  Swimmingly.  Here's the latest (we are 52 days out!):

1. Gabe and I measured Highbridge Pavilion (the reception site) the other day to figure out how many lights we need.  If you are getting married out there and need all the measurements, let me know.

2. I found awesome shoes at Macy's the other day.  They are purple, just sayin.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect earrings.

3. Last weekend I headed to IKEA (and then Anthropologie!) with my friend, Lizbeth, and we bought the favors.  I am going to keep those on the DL for now.

4. And dad is buying a lot of wood for the centerpieces.

5. Our engagement shoot was the other day and it was so fun!  Hooray and yikes for being on the other side of the camera.  Props to all my brides who become models for me out there.

6. We have had two showers thus far.  Very fun.  I'm sorry I haven't posted pictures yet.

Cryptic, I know.  But I don't to tell you too much.  Some stuff just has to be a surprise!