Tyler & Devon: Louisville Maternity Portraits

This mom and dad to be are dear friends of the Lawson family.  They are expecting their little bundle in a couple weeks and I have a feeling he will be the cutest baby ever!  We shot all over downtown Louisville around sunset and it was perfect, especially since it was before this crazy heat wave. Happy 4th to all!  I especially love the 4th of July because it is my birthday.  Gabe already got me an awesome cabinet for our kitchen.  I have to stock and then I'll share photos.

Devon looks amazing and is gorgeous!

Even though I am a Cats fan and we live in Lexington, I have to admit that these little booties are CUTE.

Daniel, Gabe's brother, came along as friend and body guard.  He is checking out the scene.  With a bright blue Mountain Dew, how can you not be ready for anything?