What is a Sanzone?!

The other day Gabe commented on Facebook that we were getting ready to have a Sanzone-tastic weekend and someone posed this blog post's title question.  Well, here they are!  The Sanzones!  Eric and Ashleigh are dear old friends and Eric was my youth pastor when I was growing up.  They have since moved away and it is always wonderful to see them when they come to visit Kentucky.  This visit, they stayed with Gabe and me.  We had too much fun, all crammed in our little house.  The weekend was fill of laughter, horsey rides, good conversation, and of course, a photo shoot.  They wanted something KY-esque, so I thought Keeneland would do the trick.  Not only are the Sanzones one of the best families ever but they also resemble Gap models.  Love you all!