Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.  All around the world people have received notes, cards, flowers, and candy.  All over the globe romance is newly kindling, hotly burning, steadily smoldering, dimly flickering, or hopefully longing. And there is such beauty in all of those states. Today is the one day all around the world that Love is celebrated.  And that is a great thing.

One of the great things about being wedding photographers is that we get to celebrate love all year.  Weddings are a sort of grand Valentine's Day - dedicated to the couple's love and commitment. And we are so honored to document them, in all their emotion.

We hear a lot of God's Word read at these wedding ceremonies - which is great - and we hear none more than 1 Corinthians 13 - the Love Chapter.

Most of us have heard this passage seemingly a million times - but today seems like an appropriate day to revisit this powerful verse about Real Love.

The Love Chapter


So today, wether you are celebrating Valentine's Day with a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, or just you and your ice-cream - know that Love is more than romance, more than chocolates and flowers and  sweet nothings - it's about simply loving people, wholly, patiently, joyfully.


Here's a great song we've been singing for a while...

The Decemberists