A Roller Rink and The Big City: Two Lexington Engagement Shoots

Happy Friday!  I have finally finished all of Mary's 101 prep.  PowerPoint and I are BFFs at the moment.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  We have a lot of fun tips and pictures share with everyone tomorrow.  It is so exciting that this workshop has materialized.  I have wanted to teach again for awhile so this dream has been a couple years in the making! Before the day is through, I want to post a couple photos from this week's engagement shoots.  We had two.  And here they are:

Mike and Whitney are a fun and lovely couple.  They are naturals in front of the camera.  I think it helps that they are so in love.  Big bonus with this shoot: half of it was at Champs!  More details on their story later.  But for now, the teasers!  And yes, there will be skating pictures next week!

Katie and Tyler are up next.  We felt like we were just walking around with good friends during this shoot.  Katie and I know each other for a couple years and I am very glad she wanted me to shoot her wedding.  We had a lot of fun with you guys!  You are too cute for words so I'll just go ahead and post your photos.