Katie and Tyler: Lexington Engagement Photos

Hi there.  I am coming off a very busy Saturday and a very lazy Sunday which equals (for me) a frantic Monday.  Saturday we hosted our first photography workshop, Mary's 101.  It went better than I expected!  I was afraid I'd be nervous and completely awkward as I taught.  I was at first.  Then I settled in and went into "I'm a photo nerd and I love talking about this stuff" mode and everything was splendid as I was in my element.  I covered everything from history to camera modes to lighting and posing for beginner photogs.  We are hoping to have another workshop later this year.  Let me know if you are interested!  After the workshop I headed to my good friend Michelle's birthday party.  We painted pots and ate a delicious dinner together.  One might think I would be good at painting something creative on a smallish herb pot.  I stenciled. After this fun filled Saturday, we rested yesterday.  We watched The Fighter and it was excellent.  I laughed a lot during it actually.  The dialogue was hilarious!  The characters were awesome too.

Which leads to today.  I love Mondays.  Most people don't.  I also love rainy days.  Usually, Mondays are a relaxed work day for me.  The week is so hopeful even though the to-do list is quite long.  I go to the gym, sit at the desk, drink coffee, answer emails, blog.  Today seemed frantic though because of the extra long list and because this week is shorter than normal.  I am headed to Ohio tomorrow to see the lovely and talented Jasmine Star speak.  So I've been in go-mode all afternoon.  And now the day ends with a "spill it" blog post.

The best part of the day?  Eating lunch with my sister and making dinner with Gabe.

Below are the rest of Katie and Tyler's engagement pictures.  I used to work with Katie's mom at school and that is how I met her family.  We love Tyler and Katie.  We walked all around downtown and just laughed and talked.  I'd see a spot for photos and we'd have to pause our fun conversation to take their pictures, which we laughed through most of them.  Thanks you all!  You are sweet couple are we walked away from the shoot thinking, "These two are meant for each other!"

My favorite is above!

Loved their coordination.

My angle.

Gabe's angle.