Whitney and Mike at Champs and Keeneland: Lexington Engagement Shoot

They first met nearly 25 years ago.  Twenty five years ago at Champs roller rink.  He was working and she was skating.  I imagine their first conversation was amidst flashing beams of neon lights and perhaps a little smoke machine action.  We mustn't forget the disco ball. The sounds of the slushy machine and nachos being crushed under roller skates are in the background...and probably a Journey song.  If I was there, I'd have been crashing into the bench along the wall and trying to laugh it off, thankful for dim lighting. Then life happened and Mike and Whitney grew up and lived separate lives.  Until they re-connected a couple years ago.  Where was the reunion?  Champs!  Talk about a long time coming love story.  Now, they are separated again.  Mike has moved to Arizona with the Army and Whitney stayed here for work, wedding planning and her daughter's school.  Their June wedding cannot come fast enough!

Whitney and Mike, we are thinking of you and thank you for this unique and incredibly fun engagement shoot.  We can't wait for June.

Whitney looks AWESOME in front of the camera.  Even when she is playing a Nascar video game.

This one below is my fav.

Who says the roller rink isn't romantic?

Two kids, waiting for a good song.  I like how their feet are pointed in the same direction.

On to Keeneland.

Oh Whitney.  You look gorgeous!

Still looking fabulous.  Mike, you aren't looking too bad yourself.