Autumn and Zach: Part Two

Happy Friday everyone!  I cannot believe it is almost July!  I love July: cookouts, fireworks, swimming, lots of weddings, the 4th (aka my birthday!).  Can't wait.  Yesterday Gabe and I went to Ikea and Crate and Barrel.  Can you believe we only bought shelves at Ikea?  We were feeling the self-control, but now we still need a bookshelf and a pantry.  Alas.  We decided we are picky shoppers, at least I am.  We just couldn't find exactly what we wanted and so the search continues. I have been cooking a lot lately.  I love recipe names, especially when they include verbs.  The other day I made Lemon Chicken Pasta Toss.  I have been making a lot of salads and dressings too.  Here's a great dressing:

1/4 cup rasberry vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1 teaspoon Dijon-style mustard

2 teaspoons granulated sugar or honey

We put it on a spinach, avocado, orange and strawberry salad and it is wonderful.

Here are a few more photos from Zach and Autumn's wedding.  Enjoy the weekend!  Congrats to Whitney and Tyler, getting married tomorrow!