Back as the MRS!

So we are back from San Diego and getting settled and loving married life.  It is so wonderful thus far and Gabe is such a blessing to me.  I started back to work today and am anxious to really kick MLP into high gear for the summer. How did the wedding go?!  SUPER!  Our wedding was everything I dreamt it would be.  The weather was wonderful, the guys' green ties looked awesome with the girls' purple dresses, the food was great, and I made it through my vows!  And all of our friends and family made the day complete.  There are three moments that really stick out in my mind that have to do with our wonderful guests:

1. After we were announced Mr. and Mrs and I looked out and saw everyone smiling at me.

2. Everone waving flags for us as we ran through the tunnel.

3. Coming into the reception and everyone clapping.

I was awestruck by each of these moments, when I looked around and saw so many people I loved and who have played such an influential part in our lives.  We are so loved and we love each of you.  Thank you.  Even those of you who couldn't make it, I am so thankful for my friends and family who brought me to June 6th.  By the way, our moms looked sooo good!  You two are BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway!  Everyone came together and it was wonderful.  However, I am glad it is over because marriage is way better than the wedding!  But here is some advice for all you brides out there.  What I learned:

1. Choose your closet friends to be your girls.  Mine were so amazing, helped me with everything and treating me like a queen.  They complimented my all the time, stayed by my side, fluffed the tulle, made me eat. :)

2. Plan ahead so you can enjoy wedding week.  I am not a planner but I did everything I could to get things done so I could hang out with everyone before th wedding week.  Hanging out helped me relax and enjoy the entire week.

3. Get a legal pad and make a list for wedding week.A couple weeks before the wedding I wrote down everything I could think that needed to be completed so I could enjoy the week.  This goes with #2 but it is so important.  Wedding week, I would make calls in the morning and check things off the list and then hang out in the afternoon with friends and family and it was great!

4. Trust your vendors.  I love all my vendors!  Most them were are friends, which made the day even better.  But I trusted them and once they knew their arrival time, their job was theirs and so I could forget about it!

5. Something will go unexpectedly.  Go with it.  I tried to remain calm when I found out something was going wrong.  We troubleshot quickly and moved on!

I think that is all for now.  It was a great experience!  Forever thanks to my mom and dad who put sooo many hours into it!  Cannot wait to share some pictures!

Here are some honeymoon pics!  We went to San Diego and had  blast.  Below are our adventures: