Baby Violet: Lexington Children's Photography

It seems like it often rains on Monday.  I like it!  Gabe and I had an exciting weekend.  We had friends in for Georgia, shot Heather and Jack's wedding, and I had a family photo shoot.   Thus (love that word), we went to bed at 10pm last night.  Crazy!  We typically burn the midnight oil working or watching Conan. Violet is my dear friend Natalie's daughter.  Nat is a fellow photographer and was very helpful to me when I started my business in early 2008.  I spent most of 2007 second shooting with Natalie, getting my feet wet in the wedding business.  We became very close during that year and she is still one of my closet friends.  She was also one my matron's of honor last year at our wedding.  Violet was not born yet.  What does this mean?  Natalie was nine months pregnant in my wedding.  She was a trooper!  We thought Violet would be born while we were in San Diego on our honeymoon but she decided to wait until we got back.  She is so beautiful!  Gabe loves her red hair and I think he prays everyday that at least one of our kids will be a Violet look-alike.

Violet's sweet brothers: Noah and Benjamin.

With mama!