We Are Family: Lexington Portrait Photography

It was wonderful seeing Cameron and his mom, Jenny, again this past Sunday.  What's more, I got to meet their entire family!  Everyone (four generations!) met at Grandma's (thanks Brenda!) for a long awaited shoot.  I was inspired by this family!    Family photos are so important and the best gift for a parent or grandparent.  My mom loves nothing more than when we are all together. She loves it even more when I have a camera and am documenting everyone!  Even camera shy Nancy (my mom) will pose if it's with one her adorable grandkids.   I may be gathering the Lashbrook and Lawson clans together soon for family portraits.  Who will take our pictures?  My arms aren't that long to hold it out in front of nine people and I always have bad aim with I shoot lens-in-front-of-my-face style.  Also, my own family photos always seem to get held hostage by my hard drive sometimes only to be ransomed as Christmas presents. The beautiful family!  Side note: I love shoes.  I notice that the matriarch has the same pair of shoes I use for shooting weddings.  My flawless shoe style spans generations.

Four generations of lovely ladies.

They looked great, they weren't blinkers and enjoyed one another's company!