MLP's Next Step

Well, I told the Mary's 101 attendees our big news and now it is time to tell you.  Well, almost.  You see, this news has to be LAUNCHED.  Launch is just one of those words I feel needs to be typed in all caps.  Our big news has to do with branding. We are changing our name!

Gabe and I got married ten months ago, thus changing my name from Mary Lashbrook to Mary Lawson.  This has left MLP as kind of a name of the past.  People are thinking Gabe's last name is Lashbrook (kind of funny).  Gabe has come on as business manager and second shooter and we felt it was time for a fresh start.  Are we still going to be an MLP, you ask?  No, we aren't.  We are completely changing the name, our branding, everything.   I am so excited about this name, our logo, the colors, all of it.  This name is representative of who we are and what we want our business to be.  We have been working with a graphic designer for a few months and are about ready for the big reveal.

When is the big reveal?  May 2nd!

So, stay tuned for details.  Mark your calendars.  When we announce the name and logo, we will also be having a few giveaways (gift cards to several places and of course, a photo shoot!).  One big celebration.  We appreciate your support in advance.  I can't wait to share everything with you and I anticipate you being a part of this new chapter in our business!

Here are few pictures from the Mary's 101 SWAG bag:

My mom helped stamp all the bags, clipboards, and place cards.  I thought clipboards would be a fun substitute for folders.  Gabe found the cool name tags for the bags on Etsy and I found the stamp when I went to Atlanta last month.

Everyone got a mug with the new name and logo.  Here is a photo shot at an angle so you can't see the name.  Sorry, but I have to keep the element of suspense going.  I even blurred it to be extra careful.