In the Family

Lately, my nephews are going through a guitar phase.  Now, I gave the guitar a shot about 12 years ago, hoping to channel my inner Joan Baez or Jewel.  It didn't work our for me.  The recipe of strumming, chords and rhythm required to play was not something I could concoct.    But guess who plays?  Uncle Gabe!  Whenever my nephews see Gabe, they run up to him and scream "Teach me the guitar!"  Gabe obliges.  Nathan, age eight, wants to play the electric.  Noah, age three, has the desire to play the bass.  He tried to grab Gabe's bass the other day.  Luckily, the thing was so heavy he didn't get very far.  It's strings are as big as his fingers!  So they will begin with the good old acoustic.