Katie and Eric

I have known Katie since our preteen days.  Our families go way back.  We went to same church when we were little, our brothers are good friends, and our moms play Bunco together.  Actually, Katie and I have been grafted into the Bunco group as "the daughters that are now grown" and we have a grand old time with older, wiser, dice throwing companions/moms.  Katie's brother is getting married this year as well, but Gabe and I aren't able to shoot his wedding.  I am so glad we had Katie's date open! These two met in college a couple years ago and have been dating long distance for most of their relationship.  She is here and he is in Illinois.  Six hours away.  Golly, that would be tough.  While we were shooting I commented on how happy, relaxed and "in-love" their pictures looked.  Katie replied, "Well, it helps that we only get to see each other once a month so we are pretty excited to be together right now!"  Well, yay for absence making the heart grow fonder because these photos look fabulous!


Not sure what was happening here, but they look so darn cute I thought it was blog worthy.

This one is my fav!

High five for marriage!