Jennifer and Steven: Engagement Shoot on the Levee

I have an urge to say "engagement shoot on the levee" with an Australian accent.  I think it's because I am watching Lost and it's an episode about Claire.  :) Saturday my mom and I drove up to Newport to meet Jennifer and Steven.  I was going to go alone but Mom volunteered to be my driving buddy for the day.  Boy, I am glad she came!  Mom ended up serving as wardrobe master, flash grip, and detail observationist.  I think I just made that word up.  Anyway, thanks Mom!  And here it was Mother's Day yesterday and she helped me!  The shoot went very well!  I have had the opportunity to shoot engagement shoots at a variety of locations this season and I am loving the creative challenges!  Thanks, Jennifer and Steven, for the great time and for letting me "practice" a few shots on you!  I am excited for your Ohio wedding in August!