Mary and Gabe are engaged!

Here are some of our engagement pictures, hot off the press!  I must say, it is weird being in front of the camera, posing, for your our engagement shoot.  You really have to trust your photographer!  Hehe.  And we trust ours and he delivered!  Andy Olsen is fabulous and I cannot wait for he and Erika to shoot the big day.   Our shoot helped me realize why engagement shoots are so significant.  They are little practice rounds for the wedding day.  I think it is important to be ready for the camera so the "day of" goes as smoothly as possible (PS - the last four pictures were done by Natalie Hagen). My wedding is only four weeks away and it is still so odd that I am the BRIDE.  I have loved this engagement season.  Has it been stressful?  Yes.  Did I take on too many DIY projects?  Yes.  Am I beginning to lose sleep at night, thinking about all the details?  Yes.  However, spending so much time with friends and family and Gabe has been a blast and a complete blessing. I woudn't trade it for anything in the world (except being married).  28 days!