Jennifer and Steven: Wedding in Ohio

I am working on a Sunday morning.  I am usually at church on Sunday morning but I am house ridden this weekend due a sprained ankle.  I can't walk.  Gabe has been taking care of me all weekend.  He is so wonderful.  He's been carrying me around the house so I don't have to hop and it is so sweet.  I sure am thankful all of this is temporary.  Anyway, we have watched more TV and played more Wii than we did all summer.  Today is working and reading day, so I least feel a little productive. Want to know how it happened?  It happened mostly because I am such a klutz.  I started going to the gym regularly back in February to ensure I'd look good in my big, white dress and I have come to enjoy it.  I have muscles!  Ish.  So every Tuesday and Friday I take classes at Urban Active with a bunch of other ladies.  We all lift weights, do squats, and hop around together on an aerobic step.  That's where I sprained my ankle.  The step.  We were all jumping over our steps and I'm not known for my long jumping (or short jumping for that matter) skills so I fell on my ankle.  Alas.  I did this last year so I kind of know the drill.  I'm hoping to stay of it this week so I will be ready for Saturday's wedding!

Here is Jennifer and Steven's wedding, which we shot a couple weeks ago in Centerville, Ohio.  Centerville is a lovely little town in central Ohio.  The outdoor wedding was at Benham's Grove and was very beautiful.  There were a variety of places to take pictures, lots of tress and barn doors.  Shout out to Bill's Donut Shop, where we stopped for a snack since we were early.  The devil's food donuts were awesome!  Enjoy the pictures.  Congrats to the happy couple!  You all looked fabulous and it was such a fun day!

Father and son!

Sweet little family!