Mary and Gabe: My Very Own Wedding Post Part Two

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Our reception was at a pavilion in Wilmore.  I loved it because it was very affordable and we could be very creative with it.  And there's the banner we made.  Email me if you'd like mom to make one for you.  She's a pro.  And look! There's Jeff Gibson, our wonderful DJ.

The maid of honor, Elisa, made the cake topper.  Mini miis.  Our cake was from Tinkers!  Each tier was a heavenly layer of either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

Gabe's cake.  Wow.

I love these dancing shots.  Way to go, Andy and Erika.  Dancing photos are amazing because they are so emotional.

Gabe's mom, Gina, looked so beautiful that day.

I also had a wood theme.  Dad carved this vase for us.  It says Mary loves Gabe. Photobooth!  Check out the booth pictures on our Facebook pages.

Thanks so much for checking out our wedding photos!

A list of vendors:

Cake - Tinkers Cake Shop

Catering - Unique Catering by Tim Carson

DJ - Sound Travels, by Jeff Gibson

Flowers - Ivory Rose Floral

Hair - Holly Sutherland

Photography - Andy Olsen Photography

Ceremony Venue - Estes Chapel

Reception Venue - High Bridge Pavilion

Photobooth Photos - Emily Remy