Mary and Gabe: My Very Own Wedding Post Part One

Well, hello.  Tonight Gabe and I would like to share a few of our wedding photos with you.  We are so excited that they are here and could not be happier with them.  When I started thinking about who I would have shoot my wedding (which was before I even met Gabe :) ), the Olsens always came to mind.  Andy and Erika are good friends of ours and I love how they interpret weddings.  I wanted a photographer who was going to be there and experience the day with me and tell the story of our wedding in a fun, colorful and emotional way.  This is what I try to do at weddings and I wanted it for my own.  I also wanted beautiful portraits.  Needless to say, Andy Olsen Photography delivered. It was interesting going through this photography process, preparing for the day and our photo shoot as bride and groom, as I got ready on my own big day: the fear of back fat, making sure I looked perfect and natural all at the same time, hoping the rings made it to the church, did the eyebrow waxer take off too much of my brows?  Then I saw Gabe for the first time and everything was grand.  It was so easy to relax, run around in my big dress, and scuff up my shoes once I was with him and we started having fun on our photo shoot.  My Gabe made it that way.  I knew I was the perfect bride, his bride, and that is a wonderful thing to rest in.

Enjoy! There are two posts. Here is the first.  Be sure to check out the end of the second post for a list of our awesome vendors!

Mom looked so stunning!

Go time for Gabe.

And go time for Dave.

We had a "first look" moment so we could shoot everything beforehand, which Gabe and I highly recommend.  Love the symmetry of this shot.

Yes, that's right!  I bought Gabe a gun for his wedding present.  You should have seen little ole me in a gun shop.  And my Gabe got me the best strand of pearls.

We went with a suspender/vest combo and I love it!  Sense we had so many people in the party, we wanted it to be a little varied.  The guys are rocking it out.  Don't mess.

Our colors were greens and purples and grays.  I love my girls' dresses from Twirl!


Bell ringers!  These guys (nephews and dear friends) shouted, "The bride is coming!" right before I strolled down the aisle.

Gabe's vows were the best.

I'll say it, we look good.

I've never been so happy as I was on June 6th.

Oh the flags.  So about a month into the engagement I decided it would be fun to have a flag theme.  Mom and I went to a fabric store and chose about ten fabrics and she cut out all these triangles.  Then dad glued them onto Dowel rods for everyone to wave as we exited.  They were so crafty and helpful.  We also made the banner at the entrance of the reception and for the photo booth.

Our reception photos are next.