Piper + Tyler: The UK Wildcat Was At Their Wedding and That Cat Can Get Down!

So everyone is dancing and carrying on and having a good ole time at Piper and Tyler's reception when this guy/cat dances right into the party! (See picture directly below.)

It was awesome!  From the moment he arrived, the wildcat was groovin' to Usher and Black Eyed Peas (wedding favs) and posing with people.  It was hilarious.  Look how tall he is, I think about 9 feet.  His height does not make him less lovable.  In fact, it makes him more so.

Then he kissed Piper's mom!  He got her good too!

That joker.

Thanks Wildcat!  I wish you had been at my reception.  Or at least the Asbury Eagle.  I bet the Cat and Eagle would make wonderful dancing partners.