Piper + Tyler: The Two of Them

Here is part two of three from Piper and Tyler's wedding a couple weeks ago.  I am loving these pictures.  We took a bunch before the ceremony and then we left the reception for a while to take a few as the sun went down.  Side note: Mid-reception portraits are fun!   The past few weddings I've shot, we (me and the couple) have left the party for a few minutes to grab a few more portraits.  This gives the bride and groom a chance to have a few quiet minutes together away from everyone.  We aren't gone for too long (the party will still be rockin' when you get back) and you have a few more portraits in a different location with great sunset light!  Think about it! Also, 10 days until I get to see my Gabe!  Just sayin'.

I had to include this one of Piper waiting for Tyler.  Cute!

This last one is my favorite!  Have to love the romantic dip!