Piper + Tyler: Their Wedding Party

I have almost made it through my quadruple-wedding weekend.  Three weddings and a rehearsal dinner down, one wedding to go!  Yay for Melissa and Chaz!  Thankfully, I have made it through the weddings with enough energy, due to my assistants and lots of Gatorade and almonds.  Every wedding this past weekend has been so amazing.  I love my couples!  We have seen everything from cotton candy stations to beautiful first kisses to dads getting down on the dance floor!  They are fun but I am ready for a break.  My plan is to keep working hard and fast til Sunday the 22nd when I leave for Colorado to get my Gabe.  Then I will have a lovely cross country adventure!

Here are a few of Piper and Tyler's pictures from last weekend.  This post is the first of three.  I'm starting with the wedding party.  These pictures are hilarious, which is why I am posting so many.  I was laughing as I was editing and watching 24, quite the combo.  :)  Enjoy!  Piper and Tyler: You all are fabulous!  Thanks for a wonderful day!  Happy firsts days of marriage!

Tyler kept getting progressively animated and I love it!

Check it out!  For some reason, this vogue face is killing me!

Piper has the greatest expressions.  She is so beautiful!

Stay tuned for post numbers 2 and 3 this week!