Published: Kentucky Bride Magazine

I am laying here sick on the couch.  My back is to the kitchen and I am listening to my Gabe make chocolate chip cookies.  He said he found a bag of cookie mix in the pantry and wants to make something sweet.  Bag of cookie mix?  I've never bought a bag of cookie mix.  I think he bought it for me back when we started dating...almost two years ago.  Well, it's all we've got it and he's making them. He preheats the oven.  It ticks forward in stops of five degrees.  He's found 350.  Opens the bag.  Pours the mix into a bowl.  Turns on the faucet.  Measures the water.  Too much.  Pours a small amount back into the sink.  Takes out the butter.  Starts the microwave.  I'm assuming the microwave's role is softening the butter.  It beeps after a couple seconds.  Not long enough.  Another few moments.  The beeping.  He takes it out and unwraps it, letting it land on the mound of cookie mix with a soft thud.  The oven beeps.  Preheat is complete.  He cracks an egg.  Not a clean crack but it gets the job done.  He chooses a spoon and starts mixing.  It is not mixing well.  I can hear the loose crumbs and chips running from his spoon.  He mixes harder.  No luck.  Mix transfer into a metal bowl.  The Kitchen Aid mixer starts.  That batter doesn't stand a chance against rhythmic thumping of the mixer's paddle.  I love my mixer.  The chips are drilled into the bottom of the bowl.  It stops.  A spoon steals a scoop.  He chases it with water.  Takes out a cookie sheet.  More scooping.  I'm not sure how much dough is going onto the cookie sheet versus Gabe's mouth.  Why is cookie dough so good?!  The oven timer beeps to about ten minutes.  I go ahead and ask for some milk.

Anyway, below is Taylor and Alex's wedding day spread, featured in Kentucky Bride magazine.  Gabe and I knew this was going to be an amazing as soon as we met Taylor and Alex.  They are a fun couple and their wedding was so unique.  I had to describe it to KY Bride when I submitted it and here is what I said:

"This is one of my favorites from this year. Gabe and I had the privilege of traveling to Farmington in Louisville. Alex and Taylor had a beautiful ceremony and one of the most fun receptions we have ever been to, equipped with a photo booth and gelatto stand! From the bride's dress to the groom's belt buckle, the wedding was full of fabulous details that every photographer dreams of."

Enjoy!  You can pick up a copy at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Barnes & Noble, Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Meijer in Kentucky.